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Drew Landry show to be hurricane relief benefit

Songwriter Drew Landry is a veteran of manmade and natural disasters, having witnessed the devastation Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil spill caused on his native Louisiana. His experiences have led him to play and organize numerous benefits, write and perform socially conscious songs, and get involved directly with helping the victims of such disasters. Recently, he helped organize a delegation of Gulf Coast citizens with long term health issues from toxic exposure to oil & dispersant on a trip to DC and New York City, raising awareness and getting various government agencies to step up and help the people of the gulf coast. "It was a hell of a trip," Landry says, "We were greeted with an earthquake and when we got back on the plane the hurricane was rolling in." Landry will be accompanied by a fiddle player from Middleburgh, NY, and a percentage of the gig will go to helping his community rebuild. Any donations above the cover charge will be sent to Middleburgh. Landry will be speaking at various community colleges & playing several gigs in New York State in September. Check back to the Red Square web site ( as more acts are added to the benefit, and to see what other supplies are needed for donation.

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