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Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 8:00 PM



Eastbound Jesus
One chilly evening, early in the fall of 2010, Adam Brockway, Dave Wright, Carl Anderson, Luke Anderson and Zack Infante gathered by a woodstove in a barn on the outskirts of Greenwich, NY. With a snare, a kick, and an old beat up high hat, Carl began teaching himself how to play the drums while Adam and Zack played along on guitars, Luke on banjo and Dave on bass. Vocal melodies and harmonies were flowing like the beer from their cans and within a few hours, the group had written 2 songs front to back and it was obvious, at least to the brand new quintet, that they had immediately put together a sound that was just as unique as it was traditional. They shred on the banjo, they have sweet sounding vocal harmonies, they play ballads, they play fast paced rocking tunes, and it all comes from a real, genuine place that makes for a sound all their own.

Week by week, song by song, the band quickly collaborated a full set-list of original music, recorded an album in a bedroom with two sm-58's and on jan. 27th, 2011 released their debut album Greatest Hits Vol. 1. Eastbound Jesus continued to grow musically, as well as with members picking up Dylan Robinson on lead guitar, as Zack Infante took over on lap steel. Writing music and picking up fans throughout the spring and summer they continued to develop their exciting song writing style and high energy live shows.

Eastbound Jesus went into the studio in late November to record their album Holy Smokes which was released in January of 2012. The highly praised album represents a year as a band and the completely unique and exciting sound the members have all worked to develop. They continue to grow their fan base packing venues with an infectious energy that gets people dancing, hollering, smiling and finding a new appreciation for a sound that is both traditional and refreshing.



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